Meet our Board Members in Person and Join Our Network as Train-the-Trainer and Certification Partner 

Thank you for scheduling a meeting with us at the 
Crowne Plaza - Old City, Instanbul in Turkey, August  23 - 24, 2023

A smart move! You are allowing your Organization to cooperate with the best training certification body in the world. During IBCT On Tour Event two of our Board members: Professor Ahmed Metwally and Mr. Erik Boshuizen, meet and greet in person with potential training and certification partners in the region. We are looking forward to team up with your Organization and excellent training facilities! We can’t wait learning more about your training center and will be pleased to show you the many benefits of partnering with the International Board of Certified Trainers.  

Select the time that suits you the best

The benefits of partnering with us:

1. Adding train-the-trainer (TOT) programs to your portfolio without development
2. Increasing the number of trainees, turnover, and profit

3. Offering the most prestigious training & HRD certification in the world.
4.. Access to the exclusive (CHRL) Certified Human Resource Leader program
5. Access to quality materials and exams
6. Marketing toolkit to promote your training courses
7. Expert support from master train-the-trainers
8. Get the hallmark of prestige and a guarantee of quality
9. Receiving a free certification audit of your training center
10. Being associated with the industry-leading body in training and development.

During an IBCT On Tour Event, we listen, connect and discover how we can be a great valuable source for each other. If there is a "mutual click" we can draft an agreement of cooperation and start the teamwork for more success.